Can’t believe it’s been 5 years already. I first started to listen to Kpop 10 years ago and checked out every new group since then. So in 2011 I actually found out about SM’s next boy group, EXO. I was actually not quite sure whether it would work out at first since they were a large group and on top of that members with superpowers? A pretty strange concept 😅 But then I remembered that Super Junior had 13 members and are really successful so I gave them a chance.

To be honest I didn’t watch any of their debut teasers. First, I was somehow not interested in watching all 23 teasers and second, I just simply didn’t have the time.

I think the first thing I watched was their music video ‘What is love’ followed by ‘History’ and of course ‘MAMA’. I was hooked. Completly left in awe! I was desperately waiting for their debut showcase and official debut! The person who caught my eyes was Xiumin and he is still my bias 😍

In 2012 it was such a rare but also happy moment to see all the members from both group EXO-K and EXO-M to perform together or simply have any schedule together. So one of the most happiest moments was when it was announced that they would make a joint comeback in 2013! I think every EXO-L would agree that 2013 was the best year ever because that’s when EXO showed their full potential and were able to make a name for themselves. My sister is still in love with the song ‘Growl’ even after all these years and she isn’t even an EXO-L 😂

There were happy moments but also sad ones. On their way to success they lost a few members but were still able to keep up their hardwork. Thank you for all the joy you gave us and for always telling us how thankful you are. Even when some of us went overboard sometimes.

I can still say I’m proud to be a part of this fandom, I’m proud to say I’m an EXO-L.

[For those who are wondering… in my country it’s still 8th April😋]

Here is the link to their V Live:



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