About Me

Hi everybody!

I’m ‘SwHeMi’ but just call me ‘Mini’. I’m in love with Kpop since the end of 2007. Kpop is not only music for me but also something that can make me happy and help me go through hard and difficult times. With K-Pop I’m in my own little world without any stress or something like that. If you are wondering how I got into K-Pop I will tell you right now that I have to thank my sister for that. She watched a K-Drama and heard a song that she really liked. She tried to find that song and in the end, it turned out to be a song by none other than DBSK/TVXQ. She started to listen to all of their songs and one day she introduced them to me. I’ve fallen in love with them right away. You can say since then I’m a big K-Pop freak 😅


One of the best memories I have is back in 2011 when I saw SHINee and Super Junior with my own eyes. Do you guys remember the first SM Town Concert in Paris? At that time I was in Paris with my siblings and their friends. I begged my parents to let me go to the concert but they didn’t. I was really upset because I’m in the same country, in the same city, at the same time with them but I’m not able to see them or meet them. Well, on the last day before we wanted to go home I suddenly saw SHINee & Super Junior at the Sacre Cour. At this point, I have to thank my sister again. She suddenly hit my arm and pointed in the direction where SHINee and Super Junior were. At first, I thought she just wanted to make fun of me but after I looked closer I saw Minho and then Onew. I was screaming and jumping. When I think back… I was really stupid and crazy at that time 😂 After Onew I saw all the other members of SHINee coming and then Super Junior. I was really happy because I never thought I would be able to meet them. Although we were in the same city but still… I didn’t expect that. It was and is still the best moment in my life 😍 The funniest thing is because I was jumping like crazy SHINee and Super Junior were looking in my direction and I think they already knew that I was a fan 😂 I think they thought I was a really crazy girl at that time xD But still it was just perfect and I will always remember that day. (12.06.2011 at 4.15 pm to 4.30 pm)

So that is everything I wanted to tell you guys. But if you want to know more about me or something else don’t hesitate to ask me! I would love to answer your question😊

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